about us

who we are

In all my work for acoustics over the last 30 years I
have been striving to narrow the gap between the
phantom of what is called «natural sound» and the often
poor reality defined by transducers and soundsystems. A
lot of progress in amps and tools over the years though
and I am more than happy to have contributed quite a bit
to this development.

Dreamed out, goal achieved ?

No, there is still room to improve as well as areas to be
looked at in more detail to get even closer to a natural
tone, the real sound. With my new Da Capo 75 I want to
help you get there – stricly analogue and «natureal».
Go for the real thing, the entire strawberry … not just the
taste of it.

Enjoy getting lost in sound and be prepared for more,

yours musically.

Udo Roesner,

founder and creator

our story

Our story started a few years ago. When Udo Roesner went to see a young engineer he knew well from his old company. That person was Thomas Mattiussi. With a new take on Real sound in mind, we rethought widely applied concepts from the top. This gave birth to the DaCapo 75. With the amp at his side, Udo travelled the world, met friends and musicians.  We kept improving, refining the amp until we were completely satisfied with the sound. With those convictions at the core of our very being, we founded MARco-labs one year later.

Udo Roesner

Founder & Creator

Thomas Mattiussi

Founder & engineer