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This is a special guitar, a baritone, called Encinitas, with a small body and regular scale length … and there is a story to it. Singer-Songwriter, guitar and harmonica virtuoso Steve White and I returned from a tour together using the time to talk about the tour, tone, gear and instruments.  Being a harmonica and guitar player Steve approachd the issue of transposing by down tuning his regular guitar, having the intonation adjusted and identifying string gauges to make it work … and wow he could make it work, he and his one-man-band … However the guitar was an alien, a hybrid, a one only and the plan was born to discuss this concept with a luthier. So Tom Launhardt came on board, gave it some thought and designed a prototype. The plan unfortunately came to a hold as both have tragically already passed away. But the plan is still there and as a tribute to Steve and Tom I would like to complete the plan. So here we present the first real versions which we were happy to present at NAMM. OEM body shape, 66cm scale (26”), Engelmann Spruce to, Maple back and sides – cocobolo back and sides.

Norbi Kovacs

Norbi Kovacs plays the Encinitas guitar


maple model



cocobolo model


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