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Christy Doran

Composer and Actor

Christy Doran

Born 1949 in Dublin, Ireland, Christy became known internationally thanks to his collaboration in the „electric jazz/free music“ group „OM“ (1972-82). The trio „RED TWIST & TUNED ARROW“ (1985-87, with Stephan Wittwer and Fredy Studer) and the project „DORAN-STUDER-MINTON-BATES & ALI play the music of JIMI HENDRIX“ (1990-94) received rapid international recognition in the field of tension of composition and improvisation. Doran has performed countless solo and duo concerts worldwide, including with Ray Anderson, Marty Ehrlich and Fritz Hauser. In addition to OM, Doran’s current projects include „Christy Doran’s SOUND FOUNTAIN“ (with Lukas Mantel on drums and the Argentine e-bassist Franco Fontanarrosa or Wolfgang Zwiauer/b), „144 strings for a Broken Chord“ (a guitar orchestra with 20 e-guitars, 4 e-bass guitars and drums), „Doran Stucky-Studer & Jordi play the music of Jimi Hendrix“, „Triangulation“ (with John Wolf Brennan, Patrice Héral), Âme Sèche as well as „Beady Beast“ (acoustic guitar-duo with Franz Hellmueller).

His name was included in the series „European Jazz Legends“ by the renowned magazine „Jazz Thing” in 2017. He performs around the globe.