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Judith Erb

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Judith Erb

Judith Erb is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach. For over 20 years she stood upfront a variety of different formations and stages and worked for numerous studios on various productions.

Her creative talent and musicality has over the past years given her the chance to work with notable artists such as e.g.:


Bill Ramsey, Barbara Dennerlein, Hermann Kock (Sagmeister-Trio), Nicole Badila, Thomas Langer, Daniel Tochtermann (Liveband Popstars PRO7, Ivan Lins), Christoph Gottwald (Alexander Blume Trio, Keimzeit),

Wolfgang Harling (Chaka Khan, Lionel Richie, Fanta 4, Max Herre…,), Gottfried Boettger (Founding member of Panik Orchester Udo Lindenberg),… 


In 2020 she created and released a vocal coaching app called “Perfect Voice”.