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Emil Ernebro

Acoustic Guitarist

Emil Ernebro

During the fall of 2009, Emil had the opportunity to play at several guitar festivals in Sweden. At the biggest guitar festival in Sweden, “Uppsala International Guitar Festival”, Emil won the “Young Talents” competition which aired on the radio all over Sweden. At the “Melleruds Gitarr Festival” Emil first shared the stage with the amazing guitarist Georg “Jojje” Wadenius, who also invited him to play together at the “Nordic Acoustic Guitar Festival” in Helsingborg and at the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm 2012.

Emil and Georg stayed in contact and are performing as a duo from time to time. In November of 2009, Emil received a scholarship from the Royal Academy of Music, “Albin Hagström Memorialfund”, in Stockholm where he also performed live with Janne Schaffer. In March of 2010, Emil won the “Guitar Peoples Prize” in the category “Up And Coming” wich was awarded to him at the renowned Jazz club “Fasching” in Stockholm. Emil has recieved more scholarships the last couple of years, and continues to work hard on his music and his playing.
Presently, Emil performs regularly either solo or with his wife, Zandra Ernebro, a very talented singer, who also studied at the Musicians Institute, as well as other duo projects with incredible musicians like Erik Igelström, Filip Jers and Lucas Brar. Emil has appeard on TV several times, both as a solo-artist and also with different Swedish artists like Sofia Karlsson, Sven-Bertil Taube and Tomas Ledin. At the age of 33, Emil has already performed on stage with some of his biggest guitar heroes, like Eric Bibb, Tommy Emmanuel, Pete Huttlinger and Georg Wadenius.